A modern greenhouse horticulture company integrates a range of expertise, including crop technology, business management, labor reduction and automation, but also financing and economic feasibility.
Prins Group has all this knowledge in-house and will eagerly share it with you from the very first moment that you sit down with extensively trained and experienced advisors. These specialists are able to provide clear answers to all of your questions. How do you obtain maximum return on your investment? How might your initial ideas be improved?

We will not just advise you on your project but also on the construction process. Good building advice makes a distinction between time and money. And Prins Group may also be consulted when you require an objective look at maintenance and renovation,

As the builder, we are in a better position to know the ideal maintenance schedule required to keep greenhouses and systems in good condition. You therefore have a sparring partner at each stage of your operations that truly understands the details of the business. Your business!