Maintenance and renovation advice

Proper maintenance extends the lifespan of a greenhouse and its systems

A greenhouse and its associated systems require maintenance. Moving parts are subject to wear. How do you rest assured that the continuity of your business operations will not be endangered? Ask Prins Group for trustworthy advice on maintenance and renovation. We are well aware of the forces impacting on a greenhouse and know the critical points in systems that are subject to above-average wear.

Our extensive knowledge of the installations from all manufacturers allows us to set up the ideal maintenance schedule.

Renovation based on sound business sense

Our advisors are also reliable collaborators when it comes to renovation. Which components are still usable? For which is replacement a better investment from a business point of view? You will receive clear answers to these questions and have the security of knowing that maintenance and renovation are in good hands, performed by employees who are well versed in every facet of greenhouses and their systems.